The story of this family highlights our journey with marginalised communities

Meet Kaviya!

She is 10 years old and has been learning at our lab school since 2017.
When she joined our program, Kavya was unable to read a grade 2 text even though she was in grade 5 at the time. A sad reality faced by millions in India.*

Kavya’s participation in our Holistic Learning Program
has improved both her academic and soft skills. This
program includes English language, extra-curricular
and life skills courses.

*ASER 2011

Shy to

By participating in our Annual Productions Kavya is
now a fluent speaker, avid reader, confident performer
and community leader.

Kavya’s success story would be incomplete without her parents’ encouragement, involvement and their own urge to learn.


Kaviya’s Mum

She has never been to school.
Seeing the improvements in her daughter, Sasi
enrolled herself in our program Penn Power for
parents including English language learning,
vocational training, and parenting.

Sasi is now our school’s manager and spreads awareness within the community on best practices to create positive and nurturing home environments.


Kaviya’s Dad

Seeing these gradual yet powerful shifts in his family,
Bala, Kavya’s father and Sasi’s husband, has fought
his alcoholism to become an active learner with the
help of our initiative My Appa, Yein Hero

He is an enthusiastic participant in our support group
for fathers and learns English through our remote
learning program English Pesallam Vaanga

He, too, visits homes in the community educating and empowering his peers to adopt a learning mindset and change their lifestyle for the better.

Together, through
community engagement
Kavya, Sasi and Bala are changing the face of their community towards a higher standard of living.