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How will my donation be utilised?

6.38 % on admin expenses
93.62 % on program costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my donation be utilised?

Funds donated are largely spent on implementing initiatives at our lab school. As we provide our learners with all the tools and resources they require, costs are borne to meet these needs, such as, stationery, learning aids, technology and nutritious meals. Additionally, costs are incurred per project, be it the annual showcase or community engagement drives that we conduct throughout the year. We also incur overhead costs to run and maintain the school.

Can I choose what I donate towards?

If you would like to contribute towards a specific initiative, you can inform us of the same. While we may not be able to accommodate all requests, we will try to make provisions where possible by us.

Is my donation tax-exempt?

Yes, you will receive a donation receipt from our team upon the successful completion of your contribution, which you can claim tax deduction against.