During the Covid-19 lockdown we pivoted to advocate for community-based rights

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Relief Efforts (2020-21)

Since the Covid-19 lockdown was announced in India, our team has been working hard to meet the sustenance, sanitation and educational needs of marginalised families.

We have distributed relief supplies including grains, spices, vegetables,
soaps and sanitary napkins to 80,000+ people, PPE supplies to 1600 police officials and learning packets containing stationery, workbooks and board games to 300 children in Tamil Nadu.

Our strategic partnerships with the Chennai City Police and pan-India initiatives such as Youth Feed India and Mask4India enabled us to safely and speedily reach the most vulnerable sections of the community, especially those in containment zones.

Survive Covid

When the lockdown was announced, there seemed to be a lack of awareness of the repercussions the lockdown would have on the basic needs of marginalized families.
In order to highlight these concerns and amplify grassroots voices, we created a simulation wherein the player virtually experiences the difficult choices that had to be made by the poor of our country. The simulation is designed to create empathy and further one’s drive for activism.
A simple tool that has proven to be extremely powerful, Survive Covid has been experienced by 1,70,000+ players globally. Featured in domestic and international news including CNN and Thomson Reuters.

Kural 2020

The pandemic paved the way for several discussions to amplify the
works and innovations of the social impact sector in India. However,
there seemed to be a gap in representation in these conversations from
our home-state, Tamil Nadu. In order to bridge this gap, we curated and
organised Tamil Nadu’s first social sector conference “Kural 2020: The
Voice of Tamil Nadu’s Changemakers”.

The two-day conference saw 400+ participants tune in to listen and
learn from 47 speakers from across Tamil Nadu. Themes explored
included mental health, women leadership, peace advocacy, disability
and organisational capacities to name a few.

Project JOY 2021

We launched Project JOY as an initiative to mobilise children to be a part of relief efforts by creating gratitude cards for healthcare workers. Partnering with several schools in Chennai, we have been able to empower 300+ students to participateand design gratitude cards which we have been sharing with our partner hospitals including, Apollo, Lifeline Hospitals, Omandurar Medical College and Stanley Medical College.

Project JOY has also expanded to other cities including Hyderabad, Tirunelveli and Kochi. Students and residents have been creating gratitude cards being shared with healthcare workers to spread smiles during these trying times.