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If you are passionate about directly working and
witnessing your impact at the grassroots level, this
opportunity is for you! Contact us to join the team and work directly with grassroots community members.


If you believe that teamwork makes the dream work,
you have reached the right place! Write to us if you are
dedicated to creating impact and can impart your skills
to further develop our programs.


If you have a niche offering in mind, we’d like to hear from you! We believe that sustainable development cannot take place in silos, so if you have something to impart, we have someone special to benefit.


If you would like to conduct a fun and memorable event for our families, we will welcome you with open arms! Connect with us to impart joy to both children and adults alike.


If there is space in your closet for some sustainable fashion, our shop may interest you! Get in touch to purchase products made from upcycled materials by marginalised women.

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