Here are some of the opportunities our children have had access to


Annual Production (2018-19)

For their third annual performance, the students of Yein Udaan collaborated with Ms. Aparna Nagesh, Founder of the Madras Dance Arts institute in Chennai. In this year’s showcase, they took the stage to spread awareness on Child Rights as in the Indian Constitution. The stories were written by Vedika and adopted into a script with the help of Mr. Nrithyunjay Ram, a theatre specialist in Chennai city. 

In every story, a child was the protagonist and the hero. The stories were based in communities similar to the ones the children come from, to make their learnings contextual and relatable. The Right to Life, Right to Education, Protection against Exploitation were some of the laws that were highlighted during the showcase. The show was attended by a large audience and received several positive reviews.

Sister-city Program with San Antonio, Texas

 Yein Udaan is one of the first few organisations in India to be selected as part of the sister-city initiative betweent the Mayor offices of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and San Antonio, Texas. As part of the program, we have been paired with a school in San Antonio. Our students interact with their peers through Skype, sharing stories and lessons from their cultures, communities and families.

They also participate in a regular art-exchange, wherein students from both countries conceptualise and create art work that they then ship to their partner groups. These themes are chosen based on their Skype interactions and areas of interest. For their first exchange, students chose to write their own horror stories around monsters they independently conceptualised.

Annual Production (2017-18)

For their second annual performance, the students of Yein Udaan collaborated with Ms. Aparna Nagesh, Founder of the Madras Dance Arts institute in Chennai. They performed an adaptation of her famous musical, ‘Goya’, that narrates the story of greed and its impact on our environment. In order to connect with the script, the students adopted characters from the Animal Kingdom, which not only allowed them to reflect on their movements but also enjoy animal-like behaviour and characteristics.

The performers worked hard over four months with their teachers to master skills in – movement, drama, dialogue-delivery and Kathak. They also worked closely with their Art teacher, conceptualising, designing and creating their costumes from scratch, personifying values like perseverance and teamwork in the process. The show-stopper however, was the surprise performance by the Women of Yein Udaan who performed verses from “Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Malarodu Malaringu’ by A R Rahman.

Transforming Community Spaces

In a pursuit to ensure that children are safe and learning not only in our community centers but also in the community itself, Yein Udaan has been conducting events to make the space colourful and child-friendly. In a span of three months, we have hosted over 65 volunteers who have helped us transform the community. 

Our volunteers include members from Chennai Volunteers, Dutchess Club Chennai and YPO Chennai Chapter. These events are a perfect example of bridging the gap between societies, by enabling members to engage with each other in a fun yet purposeful manner.

Expanding Horizons

 In order to ensure our impact is felt beyond the community centres in the wider community, we conduct several workshops and events for all children and adults in the community. One example is our annual Christmas celebrations during which the team organises a day-long event bringing together 100+ children with 10+ volunteers. This gives the children in the community a chance to engage in the different opportunities that students enrolled in our program have easy access to. Renowned actress and story-teller, Ms. Janaki Sabesh, kick-started our first annual event, transporting children to different worlds through her expressions.

Throughout the day, children and their parents participated in several activities including arts, crafts and dance. The event attracted the attention of UK-based NGO, Code Your Chances, that donated five laptops to Yein Udaan, helping us ensure our students have access to equal opportunities. Similarly, we conduct sessions on health and hygiene, sanitation, child safety and martial arts, that cater to the several needs of the community. These workshops are open to all so as to ensure that all community members have the opportunity to benefit, thus making our impact not only in-depth but also widespread.

Annual Production (2016-17)

Independently conceptualized, written and performed by our students in grades 3 and 4, this musical was created with the aim to bring awareness in society about the impact of alcoholism and abuse on our children. Working in teams, the kids came up with the characters and scenes, making the content real and relatable. This came as a surprise to our hundred audience members, who believed, like many more in our society, that children aged between 8 and 10 years lack self and environment awareness.

The performers collaborated with technical trainers in the fields of Art, Kathak, Music and Theatre for six months, to create a magical display of such sensitive themes. Working after-school hours with these teachers, following a value-based learning method, our students were able to imbibe the idea of teamwork and respect. The performance also encouraged students to interact only in English and performing in the language has boosted their confidence as public speakers.

Cleanliness Drive

On Independence Day, our students decided to do something more than their usual school cultural performances. Disturbed by their dirty community environment, they spent a week brainstorming solutions that resulted in them taking charge and cleaning the streets of their community. 

Masked and gloved, the children spent the day picking up and collecting waste to dispose in a proper manner. They also made charts and slogans that they used to spread awareness on hygiene and sanitation.Watching the children clean up, forced people to use dustbins instead of littering. Now, the community is cleaner for the children and their friends and family to live in.

Indian Soccer League

Three players from our team, McNichols Awesome Football Club, made it to the final round of Chennaiyin FC’s Under-13 selection. They had the opportunity to play with other talented young boys from the state, at Nehru Stadium. Having trained for a year, the boys showed quality skill on the field for which they received special mention by the recruiters.

The team has also played several matches across the city with organizations such as Life Is A Ball and Rotary NextGen. At one of these events, our player was nominated “Man Of The Match”. Having won the title, he was interviewed by a journalist and received several goodies sponsored by Uber.

Design for Change

To interact with their deaf and dumb peer, Siva, our grade 2 students developed their own sign language. Their project, “Tiny Actions Changing Lives” was selected as one of the top 100 entries in India, out of 2,572 submissions. For three months, the children worked in teams, listing and categorizing words, and creating a set of actions every day to teach to Siva. They listed the most common words used in school, including their class rules and systems, categorized them based on actions, nouns, rules, instructions, etc.

The students then created a set of actions for each of these categories. Siva divided his time between the team, giving his own inputs on the action, after seeing pictures corresponding to the listed words. In order for everyone, including their teacher, to learn the language, the students would share their actions with the whole class. While old actions were being practiced, new ones were being created every day. The students still use this sign language to communicate easily with Siva.

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8B Wellingdon Estate, 53 Commander In Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008


Trust Reg. No.: 163 / 2017 / BK4

Registered Office: 
8B Wellingdon Estate, 53 Commander In Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008


Trust Reg. No.: 163 / 2017 / BK4